Al Nashia Challenge
Al Nashia Challenge is designed for Omani students across the Sultanate from the 9th, 10th, and 11th grades. It consists of a set of challenges built around the gamification methodology and the principles of algorithms, considered to be one of the basics for computational thinking.
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Al Nashia Challenge

Al Nashia Challenge involves solving a number of machines while collecting points whenever they progress in the challenge and solve more machines. Accumulating points and solving machines will give participants the chance to compete on the Leaderboard that will be announced weekly.

Al Nashia Challenge also includes designing machines by the participants based on the theme of the week. These machines will be shared with and solved by the participants’ peers. Participants with creative machines will compete on the Creativity Leaderboard that will be announced weekly.

Al Nashia Challenge is designed around the Gamification methodology. It is one of the modern educational and pedagogical methodology, which capitalizes on the fun effect of games to create an interactive, positive, and entertaining medium of education.


What are Al Nashia Challenge Objectives?
  • Enable Omani youth with algorithmic knowledge considered an important building block for understanding new technologies.

  • Provide an engaging, educational and entertaining learning experience that allows participants to interact with the subject matter effectively and enthusiastically.


What are Al Nashia Challenge Stages

Pre-Launch Phase – Registration

Duration: 1 Week

A one week phase that consists of registration and practice solving grade-range machines of various difficulties. 

Gamification Phase

Duration: 4 Week

Four weeks of competition to solve around 9 mandatory machines (9 machines per week and per grade) of specific mathematical and algorithmic topics.

Participants are asked to create their own machines based on the theme of the week. These machines will be shared with and solved by their peers. The created machines will be evaluated by experts and are subjected to approval. Participants creating and solving approved machines will get extra scores.

Participants will be encouraged to solve other machines released by Polyup of various difficulties (easy, fun, and challenging machines).

Towards the end of the each week a leaderboard will announce the high achievers who have managed to solve as many machines as possible. In addition, participants with creative machines will be announced on a separate leaderboard (creativity leaderboard).


When does Al Nashia Challenge start and when does it end?

The challenge starts with a one-week registration on the 14th of May and ends on 21st May 2020. After that, the actual challenge starts from  22nd May 2020 until 18th June 2020.

Who is the academic partner for Al Nashia Challenge

PolyUp is a math learning application that aims to instill creative problem-solving skills and computational thinking in students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Polyup allows students to play with numbers in an unrestricted environment.