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National Youth Program for Skills Development

The National Program for Skills Development comes with the blessings of His Majesty the Sultan Qaboos bin Said (May His Soul Rest in Peace) and in complementation of the national programs sponsored by the Diwan of Royal Court. The Program targets the Omani youth from all the governorates of the Sultanate aged between (15 - 29 years old); in order to qualify them with the (4IR) ethics, skills and knowledge and advanced technologies based on the international research and reports, such as those issued by the World Economic Forum; as they anticipate the technology trends and the necessary skills for success, and continue with the future functions and work, and that is through several schemes targeting specific age groups. The Program follows a transparent and fair selection and evaluation system characterized by its accuracy and objectivity, in accordance with clear competitive standards, and with the help of independent institutions with expertise in the competencies development field and the human resources development; in order to implement the selection and evaluation process. The Program has been developed in cooperation with educational and developmental institutions topping the international specialized classifications; in order to provide the latest scientific and technical approaches and practices in the world; and in cooperation with a number of leading Omani institutions that have enriched the Program with local experiences and achieved balance for the participants between the international and national experiences.

The National Youth Program for Skills Development was designed carefully, calling on the passionate Omani youth to innovate and continue learning, along with drawing knowledge and acquiring and exchanging experiences to succeed in the future work fields in the 4th Industrial Revolution era. Launching towards the future does not only mean mastering the use of technology, but also requires building on the knowledge and the power, along with developing the skills to contribute in the innovation of what is new.

Al Shabab Scheme

This Scheme targets the age group between 18-29 years old and was designed to give participants a unique educational experience to equip them with the (4IR) skills, values ​​and knowledge. It starts with a 3-month E-Learning Stage, where those who successfully complete the requirements will be qualified to the Omani Youth Tech Ideathon to develop ideas for the startup technology projects; followed by the Applied Learning Stage within and outside the Sultanate to benefit from the successful international experience before they work on the establishment of their startup technology projects on the ground and presenting them to the investors.

Al Nashia Scheme

This Scheme targets the age group between 15-17 years old and was designed to give participants an impressive educational experience full of challenges and opportunities to provide them with the future skills; such as programming, robotics, computational thinking, digital media, digital citizenship and other 21st century skills; thus contributing to enhancing their creativity and self-confidence to go through the 4th Industrial Revolution and its applications on global levels.